Why NextHuddle?

Hosting a congregation has always been a challenge to the organizers: arranging the venue, inviting speakers,selling tickets/membership, enabling safety of participants et al need days of planning and demand a significant cost. The participants, on the other hand have to make hours or days of engagement to attend a session. This brings us to the world of virtual events. A global pandemic has forced us to go virtual, and it showed us that virtual events can be your alternative to physical events. However, at present, the solution providers for virtual events present webinars as alternatives to virtual events. We , at NextHuddle believe that a lot happens in the physical events .i.e people not only listen to speakers , they actively participante on demand, network with each other and most importantly , build meaningful connections. NextHuddle is a sincere effort to provide the best human experience in virtual events.

We provide immersive video and audio enabled discussions, 1-1 meetings, networking sessions while providing you powerful elements of physical events such as event history, tickets, real time interactions and synchronizations of data to CRM systems.


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